Thursday, Nov 13 @Point Grey Secondary School - 5350 East Boulevard
Vancouver District Secondary Jazz Festival evening

The old clichè "the future lies in the hands and minds of the younger generation" means that even the smallest contribution which Vancouver Sweet Basil Jazz can make towards enhancing and deepening the minds of young artists will be a positive step in the right direction. Therefore Vancouver Sweet Basil Jazz in conjunction with Roland Canada will hand out several $100.00 bursaries to deserving talents performing within the Vancouver School Board District Secondary Jazz Festival evening. (held on November 13 at the Point Grey Secondary School) The bursaries are intended for music studies / lessons and also serve as recognition of individual achievement and honour. The festival also acknowledges Jupiter Trumpets (JAM Industries) and BC Hydro for contributing towards its youth development program.

Bursaries have been awarded to Evan Artzen of Van Tech and David Mergens of Point Grey Secondary, Cindy Tsai of Prince of Wales and Rachel Stride. David wrote Sweet Basil Jazz recently to say that he has been accepted into the fine Capilano College Jazz program and that the bursary award was a great help and inspiration to his education. Cindy also posted the festival a wonderful thank you card stating that she will strive for excellence in her musical studies.

Special acknowledgement goes to co-ordinators Brent Taylor, Peggy Bochun and Principal Diane Turner, Point Grey Secondary staff and students and to all the music teachers for making this jazz evening inspirational and exceptional.

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