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Please contact the festival director immediately for the following:

  • Salaried or Volunteer Positions
    • Executive Director - Salaried or Volunteer Staff (see volunteers page for details)
    • Business Director - Salaried or Volunteer Staff (see volunteers page for details)
    • Volunteer Board Members 2003 to 2005 (substantial experience & track record required)
    • Pre-Festival and Festival Volunteers (call Chris Ng at 604-872-2346)
  • Donate large quantities of beverages, quality juices, wine & beer and commercial food in return for signage advertising at venues
  • Provide courtesy licensed catering services and food for any Sweet Basil Jazz event
  • Become an official sponsor of the 2004 & 2005 Sweet Basil Jazz Festival
  • Become an official venue sponsor of the 2004 & 2005 Sweet Basil Jazz Festival
  • Become an advertiser within the 2004 VSBJF program guides (limited spaces left)
  • Make a generous donation to keep Vancouver Sweet Basil Jazz operating year round
  • Donate new jazz CD's which will be listed under CD Gifts web page to raise funding
  • Send us your commercially released CD's for festival programming consideration
  • Become friends of the festival by donating $100 or more

2003 Vancouver Sweet Basil Jazz Festival Staff

Festival Director :: Michel Pan, P.Eng.
Business, Marketing & Promotion Director :: Michel Pan, P.Eng.
Fundraising Committee chair :: Yogesh Sandell
Francophone Communications :: Marie-Claude Belanger, Agnes Untz
Webmaster :: Lena Gubarev
Program Guide :: Chi-Ho Design
Festival Poster :: Chi-Ho Design
Web Graphics :: Agnes Untz
Stage & Set Design Manager :: Kris Tung
Events & Volunteers Management :: Jennie Yendall, Chris Ng, Kris Tung
Media Assistant & Office Coordinator :: Jennie Yendall
Special Committee Members :: Michel Pan, Kathy McGarrigle, Wendy Hu, Patty Jones, Agnes Untz
Art Committee :: Kris Tung, Michael Subject, Ann McIvor, Colin Mark, Allen Tester
2003 Active Volunteers :: Marie-Claude Belanger, Peggy Chung, Angie Craggis, Calvin Yan, Camilo Ruiz, Carole Szabo, Cassidy Tutsch, Catherine Derhousoff, Catherine Weston, Chris Prasad, Cynthia Chan, Dave Simm, Jasmine Kumari, Gerry Millett, Gloria Ayat, John Duncan, Johnson Liao, Jordon Bath, Leslie Knight, Liliana Pires, Maria Ho, Mari Miyashita, Matt Westcott, Michael Seniuk, Mona Mok, Nancy Newmon, Patrick Cheng, Paul Wenger, Pierre Lemieux, Richard Farley, Roy Ma, Sara Popovich, Sean Lee, Sharon Schepkowski, Sharon Tan, Tallulah, Thara Vayali, Wonjoo Woo, Yoh Kaneko, Yoshiko Kondo, Zenda Muller, Davina Bradshaw, Eddie Liu, Ginny McKenzie, Jackie Hassan, Karen Hudon, Maritta Ong, Matthew Weinstein, Patsy Scaiff, Serena Wen, Wendy Fry, Lisa Zhang, Hector Morales, Moreen Meriden, Paul Shatto, Allen Tester, Jeff Hamel, Mason Wright, Noel Laqui

Previous festival websites can be viewed in full:
Festival 2001: www.sweetbasiljazz.com/jazz2001/
Festival 2002: www.sweetbasiljazz.com/jazz2002/
To contact Festival Director: michelpan@sweetbasiljazz.com
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