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In France the phrase menage à trois depicts a triangular relationship or crudely speaking an affair involving three people. While I was at Birdland in New York City, I noticed Joe Lovano, Michael Brecker and Dave Liebman in one billing. And many great jazz albums of the past have featured three guitar players or three horn players; therefore for the 2003 programming; I was inspired and driven by the energetic concept of TROIS (three) and have programmed many original and customized festival shows such as the Trois Trumpet Kings, Trois Tenor Sax Kings, Trois Jazz Divas and Trois Guitar Kings. To take the concept to its extreme, the presentation at the Stanley Theatre featuring New York vocalist and jazz legend Mark Murphy, Tango Paradiso and the finale show at the Vancouver Public Library featuring the trio music of Oscar Peterson and the music of Bill Evans performed by Miles Black and the Babayaga Quartet are sample shows within their respective triple-bill-presentations. Great value and enjoyment for your hard earned money! By the way 2002 Juno winner François Bourassa, the legendary Chuck Israels, Pepe Danza, Mother of Pearl, Acoustic Jazz Pan Quartet, Kate-Hammett Vaughan, Jennifer Scott, Karin Plato, Mike Rud, Ihor Kukurudza, Chris Sigerson, Kevin Elaschuk and François Houle are in the 2003 programming to enrich your soul. Three-shows festival passes are available at Zulu Records; these passes can be used at up to three festival concert performances (but not at or for the triple-bill-presentation evenings).

Legal Disclaimer: Show titles are mere descriptions that reflect the show content or activities and are not permanent titles or marks in the event that show descriptions accidentally resemble registered marks or logos.

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